Backwater Valve (BWV) Installation

If you have a sewer line that backs to your home through your drainpipes, then you probably know that it can lead to all sorts of issues, including flooding. So why waste time for it to break? We suggest that you install a backwater valve now to avoid costly repairs later. It will not only save you the trouble but will safeguard you from health issues as well. Call us to get a free on-site inspection to determine the cause and solution.

What’s a Backwater Valve?

If you have no idea what a backwater valve is, then the gist of it is that it is a system that you can install on your sewer line to prevent any incoming water. After all, during heavy rainfalls and massive snow meltdowns, sewer lines are usually under load, which can cause water to flow back to your home.

A backup sewer system along with a backwater valve in place will help you prevent any unwanted water flows, meaning your “wet” basement trouble will be solved. Furthermore, homes that have a backwater valve system installed usually cost more on the market as the entire pipes system is protected from city sewer water. After all, sewer water can cause a lot of damage to your waterway solution and your family members.

That’s right, mold and damp can cause all kinds of allergic reactions. This is especially important for people that have respiratory diseases such as asthma. Taking good care of your pipe system will help you eliminate these issues and improve the quality of life for your entire household.

When Do You Need a Backwater Valve?

Our experts often get asked, “In what cases do I need a backwater valve?” And the best answer is to see how old is your home. If it is a newly constructed apartment, chances are there’s already a backwater valve system in place. Backwater valves are required by law in new constructions of any size but if you are living in an old home, then there’s a huge possibility it doesn’t have one.

Over the years, we have installed hundreds of backwater valves in Toronto and come to realize that older homes are the ones that usually lack such a solution in place. If you are uncertain what to do and where to look for the valve, or maybe you want to see if it is possible to install one, drop us a message and we’ll send our best people to see what would work best for you.

Does It Need Maintenance?

Any sewer system needs maintenance and a backwater valve system is no different. We recommend that you do at least one inspection a year. It will help you determine what parts of the solution can be moved freely and that no potential obstructions are possible. It is a common occurrence when debris accumulates inside and prevents the valve from spinning. If have no clue how to do a proper inspection, our experts are there when you need them. We will make sure that the process is fast and effective.

You may be eligible for a rebate

If you decided that you need such a system in your home, you might want to check if your city has any backwater valve rebate programs. If there is one, we suggest that you claim it even if it looks like a long endeavor. Our experts will help you with the rebate program by providing the necessary pictures, videos, and documentation about the work done. The photo/video evidence will expedite the process and help you save on the project.

Why A&Y Construction Group?

If there’s one thing that is certain, you should not perform any plumbing repairs or installs alone as the potential damage can cause you a small fortune. Why risk it all when a licensed, highly skilled team can handle the job for you.

A backwater valve installation procedure requires a permit with the city. Our team will help you solve your sewer problem and install the system in the recommended way. We make sure that your valve project will not only comply with all your city guidelines and recommendations but will last you for years to come.

We always aim for quality hence why all of our services come with a 25 year-long warranty. By opting for our services, you can rest assured knowing that every modification, every installation, and every excavation, will be done with care.

Let’s Talk

If you need help with your sewer system or look for a way to repair your basement, A&Y Construction Group will help you out. Give us a call or write us an email to claim your free inspection today.

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