Basement waterproofing in Waterloo

Most basements in Waterloo weren’t built to walk around all the time. They are not high enough, and very often, the humidity levels inside are extremely high. Moreover, to the surprise of none, most basements were built to store items for the furnace, typically coal and oil tank storage, and in no way were they meant to extend your living space. But that no longer stands true.

That’s right, with proper engineering and modern construction techniques, your basement can be lowered and waterproofed. This expansion will allow you to transform it into a livable space that you never thought was possible. And what better way to do it than opting for A&Y Construction Group services?

Basement Lowering in Waterloo

Are you avoiding any house renovations because your ceiling height is too low? Then consider underpinning. Now you might be wondering, what basement underpinning is? It is technically basement lowering that will allow you to expand your space by lowering the floor. Most underpinning projects are also complemented with waterproofing since the overall level of humidity in the basement is generally higher. Moreover, depending on the area, water leakage might be possible, so it is best that you prevent it by waterproofing.

By the end of the project, you will be surprised at how much space you’ll have. You will not only make your basement a livable space but will increase the value of your home by expanding total square footage. Furthermore, the air quality will also improve since no damper smells will be coming out of your basement.

Also, it is important to carry out the lowering process correctly; otherwise, you might end up damaging the foundation, which can lead to a collapse of your entire house. Don’t risk it when a team of professionals can handle the job not only well but in a swift manner.

Pre-Excavation Phase

Before any work is done, we make sure that our experts and our customers are on the same page. That’s why we not only perform the initial evaluation and establish the goals, but agree with everything from an engineering and architect point of view if applicable. And if you have no idea how you want your basement to look like, our team of qualified technicians will do their best to help you settle on a design and look.

Once everything is agreed, we will prepare the site for construction, provided that all permits are issued. Typically, furnace connections are moved all while new temporary supports are installed. Once these are in place, wooden boards are used to distribute the weight evenly. After the project is completed, all temporary materials will be removed.

Basement Lowering Process

Depending on the type of home, there are three main methods of underpinning. Let’s take a look at each one of them and discuss how they differ from one another. First of all, before any basement lowering is done, it is critical to stabilize the structure. Our experts will carefully study the foundation to ensure that no cracks or shifts are possible during the excavation process. If the foundation is unstable, our experts won’t perform any actions as it can result in your home collapsing. If all is good, our technicians will perform one of these techniques.

The Traditional Mass Method — This method is used specifically for shallow underpinning projects. And as the name suggests, this one is used when the ground underneath is not strong enough to accommodate the extra height. The process is quite simple, the weak soil is removed and replaced with mass concrete, which allows our experts to distribute the mass equally.

The Beam and Base Method — The next method employs both a base mass and a concrete beam, hence the name. The basic idea is that the beams are constructed beneath the base so that the load is spread equally to ensure better support.

The Mini-piled Underpinning Method — Last but not least is the mini-piled method. With this approach, our experts drive piles into holes, which in turn allows them to rest on more stable ground.

Why A&Y Construction Group

There are many construction companies out there but we pride ourselves in offering exceptionally high-quality service. We don’t want to upset our customers and we don’t want a poor reputation either, hence why all of our projects, regardless of size, are handled with the utmost care. Whether it is exterior waterproofing, sump pump installation, or something as simple as installing interior drainage, we are here to deliver our best work.

A&Y Construction Group has many years of experience and ready to take on any work thrown. If you need help constructing something or maybe you are looking for a free consultation, drop us a message and we’ll send our best men to help you out. Let’s fix your home together!

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