Basement Waterproofing in Brampton

A&Y Construction Group is a professional waterproofing and foundation repair company that has years of experience servicing all kinds of basement troubles. If you think that your basement might have a leak, it is never a bad idea to solve the issue, even if you use your basement as storage.

In case you want to remodel your basement into a living space, then fixing a leak is critical as it can damage the foundation and cause allergies in your family members. Water never waits and the sooner you start fixing your basement, the more money you’ll save later. After all, mold sets, dampness gets higher and walls weaken.

Repair It Before Damage Occurs

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is wait for the water to do the damage and only then they start the renovations. But you don’t need to wait for the water to break into waterproof your basement. We have proven techniques that will let us identify where a potential source of leaks might occur before it is actually visible.

Basements are constructed on ground levels, which means that they are vulnerable to groundwater. The groundwater is known to cause quick deterioration and dampness which can lead to structural weakness and strange odors. That’s why it is important that you fix your wet basement problem as fast as possible.

How Water Enters Your Basement

Leaks occur due to excess external water pressure that often finds its way inside through pores or cracks in the wall. Most homes that were built in the last 30 years don’t really have good water resistance. This pressure is often caused by severe rainfalls and melted snow meaning that your best bet is to waterproof your basement to avoid any issues. Nobody is safeguarded from wet basements and only timely professional inspections can reveal potential cracks in your walls.

Here’s How You Can Protect Your Basement

Generally speaking, there are two core ways you can protect your basement from moisture. One being exterior waterproofing and the other is interior waterproofing. There are also times when foundation waterproofing is also recommended so let’s take a look at each method.

Interior Waterproofing

As the name implies, this is an inner waterproofing method that involves a sump pump installation and water redirection. Typically, this method is the most affordable of all and it does not take a lot of time for the work to be completed. However, this approach requires constant servicing.

Exterior Waterproofing

This method is significantly more expensive as it involves digging out the soil from the outside near the basement walls. Once the soil is removed, a special waterproof membrane is installed. The project takes quite some time to complete but it does not require a lot of attention later.

Foundation Waterproofing

This method is usually preferred in cases where inner waterproofing is done. It involves wrapping the foundation in water-resistant material to avoid any deterioration. Now keep in mind that this proofing is optional but recommended in cities that have a lot of rainfalls throughout the year.

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