Basement waterproofing in Brantford

Water can be a powerful force, and not necessarily in a good way. Excessive moisture can weaken the structural integrity of your house, whereas the mold that emerges as a result of it can cause all sorts of respiratory issues to your loved ones.

Many of our clients wonder how water gets into the basement when there are no obvious ways for it to flow in. The answer is fairly simple. The hydrostatic pressure of water in the soil that surrounds your basement causes the moisture to penetrate the walls. If left untreated, it can seriously damage your walls making visible cracks and causing the metal frameworks in your foundation wall to rust faster.

Another thing that raises concerns is mold. It’s an especially serious issue in households where people have allergies or small children. The mold is not only aesthetically unpleasing but also dangerous. The spores that are released by it spread all over the house and cause a strong respiratory response in those who are prone to the corresponding health issues.

So if you have reasons to think that your basement might need waterproofing, don’t hesitate to call A&Y Construction Group. Our specialists will be there to help figure out the cause of the problem and solve it right away.

How to keep your basement dry?

If you have a wet basement, this is probably a #1 question you want to find the answer to. And even if you haven’t faced this problem yet, you might be wondering how to make sure it never happens in your house.

When it comes to waterproofing your basement, it’s important to understand what causes (or might potentially cause) excessive moisture in your place. Sometimes the issue is obvious. When you have a massive crack in the wall or water pools on the floor, that’s one thing. But when, for example, the air in your basement gets very damp during heavy rain, that’s a whole other puzzle.

Therefore, there is no universal piece of advice that could solve all problems. That’s why it’s extremely important to have a qualified contractor involved. They will be able to get to the root of the issue and come up with the most suitable solution.

Our basement waterproofing services

Interior waterproofing

Interior waterproofing is a fast and easy way to fix leaky basement from the inside. This service does not require excavation. Our contractors will identify the points through which water gets inside the building, inject strong sealants in the cracks, and install a proper drainage system.

Exterior waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is a more complex type of work that requires excavation. It is used to waterproof your basement from the outside and make sure that the water never gets close to a building. Exterior waterproofing is more expensive, but it gives a solid guarantee that you won’t have this problem again.

Get Professional Help from A&Y Construction Group

Every type of repair is different. If you are not sure how to approach your leaky basement situation, give us a call. Our job is to provide you with the safety and peace of mind with all the instruments that we’ve got.

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