Basement Waterproofing in Burlington

Waterproofing of your basement is the number one way to safeguard your home from dampness, cracks, and unwanted odors. So, if you are looking for professional basement waterproofing in Burlington, A&Y Construction Group is at your service. Not only we have all the technology needed to perform an exceptional job but all the necessary skills as well. All of our staff is trained to handle even the most complex jobs.

If you don’t know what kind of waterproofing you need, then we are glad to inform you that there aren’t that many of them. That’s right, you can choose from the two types – exterior and interior basement waterproofing. Let’s take a look at both.

Еxterior Basement Waterproofing

As the name suggests, this waterproofing method is done on the outside and involves an excavation. After the area near the basement wall has been cleaned, a waterproof plate is being installed. In some cases, a sump pump can also be installed but it’s quite rare as these are usually installed in interior basement waterproofing projects. The process itself is quite lengthy but once installed, the plate is easily serviceable and does not require a lot of attention.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

The interior basement waterproofing method is known to be fast and quite effective. The core idea of this method is to allow water to enter the basement but not to a degree where it will grow fungi or mold. Once the water has entered, it is then re-routed to a sink or soft soil where it will dissipate. As you might have guessed, sump pump installation is a must in this method, but the good thing is that no excavation works are needed. The job itself will take significantly less time to be complete.

Which Method Is The Best?

While there is no universal answer to this question, we can send our expert to examine everything to give you a definitive answer. You can schedule an examination service free of charge. To do so, just give us a call or drop us a message on our website.

Our experts will identify what might have caused the dampness and high humidity, as well as determine what places might be problematic so that you can prevent any potential leaks in the future. And in case you were wondering, we also make sure that all repairs are done on time and within a budget.

Don’t Postpone Waterproofing Your Basement

Water might seem harmless in small quantities but it can be very destructive. There are many cases where people neglected to fix their leaks, which then resulted in foundation repairs. The sooner you protect your home from unwanted leaks and cracks, the more money you’ll save in the long run.

Basements that were built in 1950 or later were never designed to withstand groundwater for an extended period of time. Water will quickly deteriorate the walls and weaken the foundation, meaning you will have to spend a significantly larger amount of money on repairs. And even if your foundation is strong enough, once water is inside, it won’t take too long before mold appears.

Why A&Y Construction Group?

We are a local business that has been in the industry for years now. We fix basements for a living, so we know perfectly well how both old and new buildings were made and what their vulnerable spots are. Moreover, all of our staff are trained to take full advantage of modern technology.

We are a quality-oriented team as we believe that nobody likes to do the same thing over and over. You can have peace of mind knowing that our work will be done fast and accurately from the get-go. And to sweeten the deal, all of our services come with a 25-year warranty too, regardless if it’s waterproofing, a drain contractor, or an underpinning.

Let’s Fix Your Basement

We want to be your go-to basement waterproofing company. You can be confident that our specialists will determine the source of leaks correctly and our technicians will install everything correctly. Water shows no mercy and never waits to enter, that’s why it’s important that you start waterproofing as soon as possible. Schedule an inspection today and we’ll send our best people to help you out.

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