Waterproofing in Markham

Looking for professional basement waterproofing services in Markham? A&Y Construction Group is your trusted waterproofing and basement lowering services provider across the country. For many years in business, we’ve gained a solid reputation as qualified and skilled construction experts.

Your peace of mind is our highest priority. That’s why we do our best to provide excellent basement waterproofing services for each and every one of our clients. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for a free consultation. Let’s make sure your basement stays dry!

Why do you need basement waterproofing?

Everybody can face such an unpleasant inconvenience as a wet or leaky basement. There are quite a few possible reasons that can cause moisture in your basement, and the most common ones are the cracks in the foundation of the building or lack of proper waterproofing.

Water in a basement is one of those problems that need to be taken care of sooner or later, and the longer the moisture stays in the building, the worse the situation can get. If present in the basement for long enough, it can cause all sorts of issues, including musty odor, damaged belongings, and the growth of mold all over the place. But most importantly, a leaky basement may indicate that your foundation is getting weaker, which eventually can lead to more serious types of damage.

Modern technology is pretty developed and it’s possible to handle even the most difficult foundation repair works. Our certified basement waterproofing contractors will be able to help you out in the extreme cases that require more profound construction works. However, we wouldn’t recommend waiting until things get really bad. You don’t want to mess around with the structural integrity of your home, so the best solution when it comes to waterproofing is prevention.

Exterior and interior waterproofing

We are a team of experienced basement waterproofing contractors with a profound knowledge of water drainage systems and foundation issues. We specialize in waterproofing and underpinning services, meaning that you can call us with any possible issue. Whether you need sump pump installation help or just looking for someone qualified to examine your basement, call us.

Interior waterproofing

This type of service is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways of dealing with leaks and moisture in the basement. It involves the drainage of the water and covering the surfaces of the building with special membranes that ensure additional protection. Interior waterproofing is a great solution for many homes with less serious basement issues.

Exterior waterproofing

This type of service is more time consuming and more expensive, but it is known as the best solution for leaky basement issues that ensures permanent protection of the building from any related problems. Exterior waterproofing required excavation and installation of special aqua bloc layers designed to protect the house from water.

Do you have any questions about basement waterproofing?

Before taking up any project, our contractors examine the site, detect the severity of a problem, and come up with the best alternative for your particular case. We also provide you with a detailed estimate and timeline of the repairs. Contact us for professional high-quality assistance at an affordable cost.

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