Basement Waterproofing in Milton

Moisture, leaks, and cracks… Does any of this sound familiar to you? If yes, it looks like your basement needs waterproofing services. Many old homes were not built to last this long, hence why most renovation projects are on the surface, often neglecting the basement space.

Yet, with internal waters rising as a result of constant rainfalls and waterproofing plates showing their age, old basements start a new life in the form of dampness. And as we all know, dampness can cause a lot of troubles, starting from poor ventilation and ending in a sharp odor that can cause allergic reactions. Water leaks in your basement can cause a lot of trouble. To avoid these, consider a waterproofing service.

Types of Waterproofing

There are many different types of basement waterproofing techniques but most of them come down to either external or internal waterproofing. Let’s take a look at both of these waterproofing solutions.

Interior Waterproofing

The first method we’ll cover is the interior waterproofing. The core idea is to protect your basement from the inside by allowing the water to enter the space, which is then effectively managed away. Typically, this kind of waterproofing is accompanied by a concrete breakout, a sump pump installation, and it’s typically is done in a short period of time. Here are some characteristics to keep in mind when considering this approach.

    • Typically, all projects require concrete breakout. In some instances when a house uses a monolithic basement slab, the concrete breakout is not carried out. Such slabs are rare.
    • There are times when a full interior wall waterproofing is necessary.
    • Repairs are carried out easily and the cost of service is quite affordable.
    • Compared to exterior waterproofing, the installation process is fast and can be completed within a few hours.

Almost all projects demand a sump pump installation.

Exterior Waterproofing

The second waterproofing option is done from the outside of your basement and unlike the previous method, this one is designed to stop water from entering your home. However, it also means that a full-blown excavation is required since we need to install an exterior moisture barrier. Here are some characteristics to keep in mind when considering this approach.

    • All the work is done on the outside, meaning you don’t have to worry about noise and disturbance.
    • A sump pump is not required but there are cases where installing one would be beneficial.
    • It takes a while for everything to be installed and properly shut.
    • Service costs are slightly higher.

Which Method Works Best for Me?

There is no definitive answer as both methods are equally good. We will send our certified technician to examine your basement and determine which approach will suit your case best. Furthermore, our experts will point out what is the cause of the issue and provide you with valuable information on how to handle it effectively if you ever encounter it again. If you are looking for basement waterproofing in Milton, then look no more as A&Y Construction Group. Our services are your best option.

Why Us?

We are a local business committed to delivering only the best results. We value our customers and employees. All our technicians are highly skilled and well-trained to handle just about any waterproofing project. But skills aren’t the only advantage. We use the latest and greatest technology to ensure the highest possible quality. If you need help waterproofing or lowering your basement, call A&Y Construction Group.

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