Exterior Waterproofing works

Exterior Waterproofing Case 1

  1. We opened up the wall by excavating all the soil down to the footing
  2. We cleaned the wall. As we were doing it, we found that some of the bricks were missing in the foundation. We had to patch the wall.
  3. Then we applied hydraulic cement to the foundation.
  4. Aqua block, yellow jacket were applied to the foundation.
  5. Then, we put the delta ms membrane that stops the water from coming to the basement.
  6. Weeping tile with the filter was put there and at least 1 foot of gravel was added on top.
  7. Backfill, compact soil every 2 feet and cleaning up all the work area.

Exterior Waterproofing Case 2

We were called to one house where water was coming heavily into the basement. We found the location where the water was coming in and started excavating.
  1. When we excavated all the soil, we found that water was coming through the foundation and there also was an old and not properly covered entrance.
  2. We had to cover all the cracks in the foundation and the old entrance
  3. After we did waterproofing, we poured concrete and cleaned up all the work areas.

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