Interior Waterproofing in Toronto

Is your basement full of mold and has a sharp odor? If so, you have a “wet basement” problem on your hands. Leaks and dampness are the cause of it and the best way to solve the issue is to do a basement waterproofing. This will not only fix your problem but will significantly contribute to the longevity of the entire structure.

A&Y Construction Group is a professional waterproofing contractor that has been on the market for years. We have a team of highly skilled experts that can handle internal basement waterproofing with ease.

Why Do You Need Internal Waterproofing?

There are many reasons why you should fix your basement. However, two of the most popular ones are health issues and the structural integrity of your home. A seemingly unintrusive inconvenience of high dampness in your basement can have some real damage to the well-being of your family. From respiratory troubles to allergies, the quality of life of your family members may be impacted in a very real way.

And then there is the fact that foundation structures are quite susceptible to water damage. Over time, water can deteriorate the quality of the walls and weaken them to the point where they may be considered dangerous. If left untouched, you are risking your entire house falling below the ground. One of the best ways to prevent these problems is interior waterproofing.

Our Interior Basement Waterproofing Services

Most of the basement issues you have can be easily fixed within a few days, depending on the case. A&Y Construction Group delivers interior waterproofing solutions that will not only get the job done right but will prove to be invaluable in the long run.

This method presumes to waterproof your basement from the inside. Essentially, all the water that will enter your basement will be redirected to the sump pump. Interior waterproofing does not require any excavations and is, therefore, faster to finish. It does, however, require infrequent servicing but the overall cost of the project is lower.

Need Help With Your Basement Waterproofing?

If you need help with interior waterproofing here in Toronto, be sure to drop us a message. We will schedule a free of charge on-site inspection in the most convenient time for you. Our experts will determine the cause of the issue and provide you with a detailed estimate.

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