Basement lowering in Toronto

Whereas modern buildings are more adapted to the needs of their residents and are generally more functional, many older homes aren’t as practical. That’s why the basement area in such buildings typically has a low ceiling. What if we told you that your old molded basement can transform dramatically in just a few months? If you always dreamed of having an extra usable space in your house, consider basement lowering.

It’s a process of digging your basement floor to increase the height of the ceiling. As a bonus, it also strengthens the foundation of a building and helps you get rid of some hidden issues that might not be visible at first glance. Clearly, lowering the basement floor is a serious process that requires time, cost, and expertise. However, those who decide to got for it eventually enjoy numerous benefits of having additional usable space in their homes.

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How Can A Basement Floor Be Lowered?

It’s not a secret for locals that property land in Toronto is a luxury. That is why when there comes the need for more living space, many people decide to expand to their existing property rather than purchasing a new larger home. Basement lowering in this regard is one of the best solutions because it usually costs less than building up other additions (like an extra room or a top floor).

However, as beneficial as it is, basement underpinning is a difficult process that requires serious expertise and experience. You also need to get a building permit, hire a reliable engineer, and choose skilled contractors. To make sure the building doesn’t fall over after this structural change, the first step of every basement lowering is the strengthening of the existing foundation wall.

You can choose between the two methods of lowering your basement floor. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but both are used for transforming the basement area into a usable space. These methods are underpinning and benching. It’s crucial to understand the difference between them to make the most advantageous decision for your property and budget.

What Is Underpinning?

Underpinning is a method that allows you to increase the overall basement height and square footage. This is a more common alternative since it gives homeowners more opportunities after the renovation is finished, such as offering the new living space for rent. Although, it is more costly and takes more time compared to benching.

What Is Benching?

Similarly to underpinning, benching is used to create more living space. However, it minimizes your square footage, which is one of its biggest drawbacks. That said, it is more affordable and takes a lot less time to complete.

Should Concrete Basement Floor Be Sealed?

Another question we get from our clients is whether or not it’s necessary to seal a basement floor after lowering. It’s an extra cost and no wonder that people have this question. The answer is yes, you need to apply a sealer on the basement floor for one simple reason. It protects your house from the radon gas, moisture, mold, and other unpleasant things that may get into a building through concrete. Once the concrete is sealed, the possibility of these issues goes away and your building serves you well for years on end after the renovation.

How Much Does It Cost To Lower A Basement?

Since it’s a very popular service, many locals are wondering how much it costs to make a basement deeper. It’s difficult to estimate the total cost as it depends on many factors and there is no universal formula that works every time. First off, the expert has to visit your property to analyzes square footage and linear footage of the basement. Next, they need to check the accessibility to dig outside of the house. Also, the price depends on the accessibility of the basement, i.e. whether it’s possible to take the necessary equipment inside. To make sure that the expectations always meet the reality, we encourage you to contact our team and request a quote of the basement underpinning in your house.

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